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    During 1991-1992, DJ Shadow remixes were released on Hollywood BASIC , a short-lived rap/hip-hop subsidiary label of Hollywood Records. Notable amongst these is a 1992 compilation release titled "BASIC Beats Sampler", [7] which features a remix of The Real Deal, a song by Lifers' Group, as well as a 12-plus-minute "Mega Mix" of the rest of the album, including tracks by west-coast underground hip-hop act, Raw Fusion and east-coast acts, Organized Konfusion and Zimbabwe Legit. Also in 1992, Shadow contributed scratching and production work to Sleeping with the Enemy , the controversial second release by rapper Paris .

    The Brooklyn-based duo known as Sleigh Bells emerged in the Fall of 2009 with rhythmic pop songs that combine overdriven guitar riffs and sugary female vocal melodies. Guitarist/producer Derek Miller teamed up with singer Alexis Krauss after he happened to serve her and her mother at a Brazilian restaurant in Brooklyn. As proof of their winning formula, Sleigh Bells quickly earned the adoration of critics at the New Yorker, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and more with their 2010 debut of Treats and 2012’s Reign of Terror. The band’s most recent critically acclaimed album, Bitter Rivals, finds the band holding fast to their uncompromising sound and aesthetic while searching for badass new ways to make pop music. Bitter Rivals is out now via Mom + Pop.

    DJ Dream * Dream - 1995 After After #24DJ Dream * Dream - 1995 After After #24DJ Dream * Dream - 1995 After After #24DJ Dream * Dream - 1995 After After #24